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CashPro® Online is our worldwide client access channel designed to deliver the global power of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Developed in collaboration with our clients, CashPro Online connects you to virtually all of your global treasury, liquidity, trade and foreign exchange solutions.

Information Reporting: Obtain balance, summary and high-level transaction details through CashPro Information Reporting to manage cash position on a previous-day or current-day basis and to post to general ledger systems. Retrieve information for accounts worldwide, in one place and on the same report.

Liquidity: Extensive reporting and easy-to-use tools, such as CashPro® Accelerate and CashPro Invest, simplify daily liquidity management, helping you achieve strategic operational and financial objectives. Innovative solutions calculate cash position, help manage commercial credit and asset-based loans, and enable clients to perform investment tasks including order entry, view and download of investment balances, activity and transaction history, including robust research capabilities on money market mutual funds.

Payments: The integrated global payment experience spans countries and currencies to include high- and low-value payment systems, multibank, internal book transfers, international payroll regulatory tax payments, bank drafts and foreign currency transactions.

Trade: As a part of an integrated, full service solution for cross-border trade activity, processing and reporting, your company benefits from our network of international branches and internet functionality to speed handling of transactions. CashPro Online users can determine who is authorized to create, modify, approve, cancel, transmit, inquire and release any transaction.

Receipts: CashPro® Receivables provides centralized access to a wealth of receipts information across lockboxes, transaction types and currencies that streamline cash application and exception item research. Data and images of payment and remittance documents processed through wholesale lockbox are available the day of deposit.

Gain one point of entry to an extensive suite of receivables capabilities, from ACH and ACH Inquiry to Positive Pay, Lockbox, Remote Deposit Service Online and Remote Payments Online. In addition, you can view and immediately update your systems with complete remittance details on a broad range of receivables through Bank of America Global Advice® Receipts.

Administration: Take control of the account access provided to users by establishing primary administrators that are responsible for setting up users, assigning privileges, and the level of account access. Administrators also manage user access by activating, deactivating, deleting and unlocking users. Reflecting high security standards, CashPro Online requires dual approval for a variety of actions, including adding, modifying or deleting users, application entitlements and password resets.

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