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Access Management for Dummies

Identity and Access Management

Knowing the basics of an effective identity and access management strategy can help auditors provide recommendations that enhance an organization's information security posture.

Francis Kaitano, CISA, CISSP, MCSD.Net, MCAD.Net
Senior Advisor, Technology and Security Risk Services
Ernst & Young

IT networks face increasing threats from inside and outside an organization. Conventional perimeter defenses, for instance, can miss insider threats, such as password disclosures and fraud due to staff collusion as well as external online threats including zero-day attacks (i.e., attacks that take advantage of computer security holes for which no solution is currently available). To curb the presence of these threats, many IT departments are using companywide identity and access management (IAM) solutions that provide ongoing access to information, applications, and networks.

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While access to company resources is critical for the day-to-day operations of private, public, and government organizations, this access must be highly secure and fast. In addition, users must be able to access network resources for which they are authorized as easily as possible. During their work, auditors often are required to provide recommendations that improve their organization's IAM activities. But before doing so, they need to understand the basics of IAM systems as well as their role in the design and implementation of IAM strategies.


Before learning the basics behind an effective IAM program, it is important for internal auditors to understand each of the program's components: identity management and access management. Despite the differences between these activities, many beginning auditors treat them the same during audit reviews. However, they each oversee different aspects of the IAM program.

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The manual is a little ambiguous, but

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Page 5 defines
"Web Remote Access
The Web Remote Access enhanced service allows you to access your home computer files from remote
locations using any standard Web browser. Web Remote Access authenticates and encrypts access
between the Web browser and the 2Wire gateway, enabling you to securely access and download important
files or manage other enhanced services such as Parental Controls or Firewall Monitor.
You can optionally define a unique Web Domain Name during setup (for example, http://, making it easy for users that are allowed to access the home network to
manage the gateway when away from the home

Just in case you don't get it, here's the first piece

by Bagheera


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(415) xxx xxxx /

Program and Client Relationship Management experience serving Fortune 500 and Federal government clients in electronics distribution, contract manufacturing, recruitment and defense industries.

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Lots of options

by BelmontBill

1. If you start out with the RIGHT systems and controls SOX can be an enhancement to your business as an investment vehicle. It can be challenging, but not if you start with SOX in mind.
2. Private Equity has always been around, it is expensive to the business and risky for the investment dollars. I have a fairly strong VC background, private equity is a tough game for everyone involved.
3. Many companies are trying to go private, only to re-list with a large "pop" in a 18-60 month time frame creating a MASSIVE windfall for the LBO groups and management. It is appalling there are not more shareholder suits to stop the trend, the MOST unlocked value is being taken private, taking the upside from the average shareholder

High level Part 3

by Career-Hunter

....and established controls to prevent recurrence.
* Transformed cost center into moneymaking profit center to save $1.4M in first two years. College campus was using outside contractors for adds, moves and changes of voice terminals. Determined which functions could be done internally. Established financial systems and controls. Within two years, successfully outbid major competitors on major new construction projects.
MANAGER – FINANCIAL ANALYSIS AND PLANNING, Fortune100 LeasingSubsidiary, Inc., 1987 to 1988. Recruited from Chicago to head financial planning as assistant treasurer for this equipment-financing subsidiary of US West, Inc

— FedScoop
FedScoop reported earlier this week that VA has known for more than a year of serious weaknesses in VistA's identity and access management controls, as well as the scheduling module's overall integration into the enterprise electronic health record system.

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