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Access Management Governance

We’ll help you take control of identities and govern access

Users with excessive privileges or entitlements can wreak havoc on a business from a security, compliance, and liability standpoint. Identity management and governance solutions from CA Technologies provide the ability to manage user identities and govern what users can access based on their role and how they use the data.

Our Secure Identity management solutions can streamline user activity and compliance reporting for privileged and non-privileged users. This is designed to enable you to improve business efficiency, security, and compliance by automating identity-related controls across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. And it helps make IT more flexible and your business more agile.

Easily adapt to changing business procedures and automate compliance processes such as entitlements, certification or identification of orphan accounts with our solutions.

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DIMINISHED FAITH. While we do not expect a repeat of the EBBS [Earnings Before Bad Stuff] pro-forma earnings of 2001, the ability to compare issues and sectors depends on an accepted set of accounting rules observed by all. In order to make informed investment decisions, the investing community requires data that conform to accepted accounting procedures. Of even more concern is the impact that such alternative presentation and calculations could have on the reduced level of faith and trust investors put into company reporting.
The corporate governance events of the last two years have eroded the trust of many investors, trust that will take a long time to earn back

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Published by the National Multi Housing Council, 1996 That rent control is an ineffective and often counterproductive housing policy is no longer open to serious question. The profound economic and social consequences of government intervention in the nation's housing markets have been documented in study after study, over the past twenty-five years. In response to this hard-earned experience, states and local jurisdictions from Massachusetts to California have banned or greatly constrained rent control. Nevertheless, a number of communities around the country continue to impose rent controls, usually with the stated goal of preserving affordable housing for low- and middle-income families

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VA releases internal audit summary of scheduling practices  — FedScoop
FedScoop reported earlier this week that VA has known for more than a year of serious weaknesses in VistA's identity and access management controls, as well as the scheduling module's overall integration into the enterprise electronic health record system.

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