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The Prosci® Change Management Maturity Model™ (CMMM) Audit is a web-based self assessment you can use to evaluate your organization’s maturity in managing the people side of change.

The price is $89 per audit. Find out where your organization is today and start the journey toward institutionalizing change management.

The Prosci Change Management Maturity Model was first released in 2004. The model describes five levels of organizational maturity in change management:

  • Level 5: Organizational Competency.
  • Level 4: Organizational Standards
  • Level 3: Multiple Projects
  • Level 2: Isolated Projects
  • Level 1: Absent or Ad Hoc

ecm-Prosci-Change-Management-Maturity-Model-Audit-bigThe Prosci Change Management Maturity Model Audit presents five Capability Areas that would be evidence of an organization’s maturity at managing the people side of change. These five Capability Areas are:

  • Leadership – addresses commitment and buy-in for the effort to build change management capabilities and competencies
  • Application – focuses on the use of change management processes, tools and principles on projects and initiatives
  • Competencies – centered on the skill sets and individual competencies in “leading change” that exist throughout the organization, from the most senior leaders to front-line employees
  • Standardization – addresses the adoption of common approaches and tools, and the establishment of functional groups
  • Socialization – focuses on building employee buy-in and commitment for change management throughout the organization, and an organizational dedication to managing the people side of change

The Audit is based on an evaluation of fifty factors within the five Capability Areas. The Change Management Maturity Model Audit involves evaluating:

  • 8 Leadership Factors
  • 8 Application Factors
  • 12 Competencies Factors
  • 12 Standardization Factors
  • 10 Socialization Factors

The organizational maturity in change management is a function of performance along all 50 of the Audit Factors.

ecm-Prosci-Change-Management-Maturity-Model-Factor-blow-up-small ecm-Prosci-Change-Management-Maturity-Model-Graph-Overall ecm-Prosci-Change-Management-Maturity-Model-Graph-CA ecm-Prosci-Change-Management-Maturity-Model-Graph-Factors

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