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Identity management software as easy as shopping online

Identity Enforcer shocked the world with its user provisioning shopping model and IT service catalog administration ease. Identity Enforcer lets you request and receive approval for the access, assets, and tools you need to do your jobs without hassle. You cannot manage what you cannot see is an IT paradox. Identity Enforcer's self-service provisioning through an IT Store is the most significant innovation in identity and access management this century.

Because, it is now possible for your IT staff to see and index everything they manage through a graphical ITIL service catalog. Best of all, Identity Enforcer's actionable service catalog comes fully integrated with Avatier's complete identity access management software suite. Identity Enforcer represents a complete paradigm shift. Its self-service IAM capabilities with automated user provisioning workflow make asset allocation, access provisioning, and the entire user provisioning process as easy as shopping online.

User provisioning accountability where it belongs

We started by inventing the IT Store with self-service provisioning to streamline operations and eliminate delays in user account provisioning. Then we patented our automated user provisioning workflow along with our validation access management software.

With workflow automation part of the IT store framework, our user provisioning self-service catalog puts accountability in the hands of trusted business users rather than IT staff. Our automated workflow lets everyone 'shop' for resources while giving the appropriate management control over approvals so provisioning transactions works just like shopping online.

Control IT service catalog spending

Identity Enforcer not only revolutionizes identity and access management with the IT Store and workflow automation, but it also delivers asset budgeting with built-in audit controls. Asset Budgeting keeps a running tally of all assigned IT service catalog asset requests against a budget.

As your shopping cart fills up, it's checked against your budget balance so everyone can manage their assets according to plan, while knowing your choices and available budget. With Identity Enforcer budgets are assigned to organizational units, groups or even specific users. Asset Budgeting allows ITIL service catalog user provisioning flexibility while enforcing a budget you set.

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My company is in round 3 of layoffs. The first round they let go of all temp workers (about 30% of the manufacturing floor employees, no support, office or management types), the second round was an across the board 15% reduction.
This round is supposed to go heavy on the office and support types... and happen this month. But some manufacturing jobs will be cut too.
Once again I have to wait out the month in a state of heightened anxiety to find out if I'll still have a job come February.
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Getting prepped to enter the market is a good use of your time. Relax the bargains will still be there next June, I'm afraid that's the truth, so you might as well be learning.
1. Get a copy of a Dummies investing book - to own, not to take from the library. 2. Be sure you have high speed Internet access. 3. The brokerage houses are available to you for the purpose of processing your orders (for small fees in many cases) or giving you seasoned advise (probably for a hefty fee).
On the one hand you go as low as $7 per trade with Scottrade (about a $2,500 account and/or
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VA releases internal audit summary of scheduling practices  — FedScoop
FedScoop reported earlier this week that VA has known for more than a year of serious weaknesses in VistA's identity and access management controls, as well as the scheduling module's overall integration into the enterprise electronic health record system.

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