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Microsoft access Project Management templates

Excel Based Gantt Chart - an ExampleProject Management is one of my favorite topics. In my earlier job I have been part of several projects and in almost all of them, we have used Microsoft Excel heavily to perform various project management tasks. In this page you can find some resources, help and articles on Project Management using MS Excel.

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Gantt Charts & Project Planning using MS Excel

A Gantt Chart is a traditional way to prepare and track a project plan. It shows activities on the left and dates on top. Intersection of an activity and date cell is highlighted if that activity is to be done on that date. Gantt Charts can provide these optional information too,

  • Planned vs. Actual view of the project
  • % Completion of activities
  • Overall project progress / status
  • Activities on Critical Path

Preparing Gantt Charts in Microsoft Excel:

Excel, because of its grid nature provides a great way to prepare and manage project plans. We can use Excel features like Conditional Formatting and Formulas to prepare a comprehensive gantt chart depicting almost any project. Since Excel is a very common software and most managers know how to use it, using excel to prepare and maintain gantt charts can be very productive and easy.

Project Reporting and Project Management Dashboards

Reporting is one of the most important aspects of project management. When I was leading projects, I used to get questions like,

  • How is the project going?
  • What are the important issues we should worry about?
  • What is the progress of activity x?
  • Are we on track with respect to budget, resources etc?

from my project stake-holders and sponsorship team.

Answering these questions will be very easy if you have prepared a good project management dashboard. A Project Management Dashboard provides all the crucial information about a project in a snapshot.

How to make Project Management Dashboards in Excel?

Excel shines again as the perfect tool for creating project dashboards. Due to various powerful features like excel charts, conditional formatting it is very easy to setup and update a comprehensive project status report in excel. I have used these concepts to construct several project management dashboards in excel. Follow these links,

Timesheets and Project Management Tracker Tools

One of my bosses used to say “If you cannot measure, you cannot manage“. A good project manager always stays on top of various things going on in a project. And that is where tracking comes in to picture. On any given day, a project manager is found tracking,

  • Issues in the project
  • Risks in the project
  • On going Activities in the project
  • To do items of various team members
  • Timesheets and Billing
  • Budget and Money

Using Excel to Prepare Project Tracking Spreadsheets

Excel is the natural choice for tracking various project items. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, project managers can easily create a template in excel to track something and then share the template with team members to track it. Below are some examples of excel based tracking tools for project management.

Project Management Charts

Charts or visualizations help project managers in getting a feel of where the project is heading. There are various kinds of charts that a PM would use on day to day basis. Some examples are,

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