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Monitoring with SNMP feature is introduced in NetIQ Access Manager 4.0. Although, there could be many usecases derived out this feature, one such usecase is to monitor service status of NetIQ Identity provider and send email notification to administrator whenever service goes down. This is achieved with the help of Nagios as NMS (Network Management Software) using SNMP protocol.


Now that Identity Providers (IDP) and Access Gateways (AG) components can be monitored using SNMP with any of external monitoring softwares such as Nagios, it becomes a easy integration point. Based on the architecture diagram shown below, the access is centralized to Administration Console, from which all of NAM devices can be monitored, that includes more than 100+ attributes altogether, such as free memory, incoming and outgoing requests, sessions details, etc. Each of these attributes can be queried using SNMP with unique identifier (OID).

In the background, IDP and AG devices keeps sending periodic monitoring statistics to Administration Console and same is available through SNMP master agent as well. Any external monitoring software can monitor IDP or AG devices by communicating to master agent using SNMP protocol.
In this document, we will talk about how to monitor service status of Identity provider using SNMP.

For more information regarding supported SNMP objects, querying with OID, configurations, etc please refer to Administration Console guide.

Administration Console configuration

Make sure SNMP is enabled in Administration Console, below are few steps to do in case not enabled.

  1. In the /opt/novell/devman/share/conf/platform.conf file, traverse to the vcdn module for SNMP. In

    _snmp_community_name netiq ;Community name of the SNMP service

  2. Change the IP address of Identity Provider. Please note that more than one Identity provider can be monitored just by adding additional host entires as mentioned below by mentioning different IP address. Rest of the required configurations are already present to make things easy.
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