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While most enterprise organizations have SIEM installed, they now realize that these venerable security systems cannot address today's dangerous threat landscape alone. As a result, many are adding network forensics and big data analytics systems for capturing, processing, and analyzing a whole bunch of additional security data.

In the majority of cases, big data security analytics systems are applied to data such as network packets, packet Meta data, emails, and transaction systems to help security teams detect malware, phishing sites, and on-line fraud. Great start, but I'm starting to see another burgeoning focus area - IAM. Of course, many large organizations have IAM tools for user provisioning, SSO, and identity governance, but tracking all the instantiations of user activity remains elusive. In a recent ESG research survey, security professionals were asked to identify their weakest area of security monitoring. More than one-quarter (28%) pointed to, "user behavior activity monitoring/visibility, " - the highest percentage of all categories.

The obvious use-case for IAM analytics is linking network/device activities with actual users. This is especially helpful in security investigations. Aside from incident detection/response, many firms are also turning to big data security analytics to improve risk management associated with day-to-day IAM activities. Why? Software tools are great at automating and scaling processes but IAM is fraught with complex workflow, multiple identity repositories, and multiple accounts per user. Given all of the moving parts, even tightly-managed organizations regularly discover orphaned accounts, inappropriate entitlements, and unknown privileged users. Additionally, IAM workflow can devolve into a check-box exercise rather than a thorough review of who should have access to which systems.

Historically, these issues were addressed with periodic audits, disparate reports, and manual processes - an inefficient IAM cocktail at best. IAM big data security analytics can help address these issues by helping enterprises:

1. Clean up the access list. Armed with the right analytics tools, CISOs and IAM managers can quickly identify rogue accounts or users who haven't accessed applications for a prolonged period. Once discovered these accounts can be deleted quickly.

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So frustrated, I manage security for

by merrybrickemas

All the partners for their Budget/Payroll application. They won't give me access to the front end application to setup users because it's "sensitive data". However I have SQL Database access to add users to the database and can see all the information on the back end. A user can't login and I'm the person that gets the call BUT I can't help them because management won't give me access to the front end because they don't want me seeing data, data that I can query myself in SQL LMFAO. Talk about not knowing WTF they are doing!!!
This person that is having problems is a very important

Landlord Charges to Security Deposit

by cgiven

I am a landlord. I have a tenant who moved out, but left items behind in the garage. As per law, I filed a "Notice of Right to Reclaim Abandoned Property". This basically means I have to continue to safely store their crap for 18 days, and then I can get rid of it.
The Tenant is now using the garage as a storage unit. I am charging them a reasonable daily fee for storage (like $5/day) - but everytime they need access I have to leave work to let them in or get someone else to meet them.
My question is: Can I charge them a property management fee for everytime they come to the property to get some of their stuff?
My reasoning for thinking that this would be acceptable is: If I had to HIRE a 3rd party to meet them, it would certainly be a legitimate charge. So is MY TIME not worth something?

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VA releases internal audit summary of scheduling practices  — FedScoop
FedScoop reported earlier this week that VA has known for more than a year of serious weaknesses in VistA's identity and access management controls, as well as the scheduling module's overall integration into the enterprise electronic health record system.

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