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Data Protection Manager VMware ESXi

An in-depth technical review of Microsoft Data Protection Manager can teach you many things about the product, but most importantly, it will teach you how to avoid common errors that may cause your virtual appliance configuration to fail. The vCD application will fail if one of the following errors are found: DLL error, Invalid Virtual Machine Address, Uncorrected Service Provider, or Application Error. If any of these errors are found while running a virtual machine on Microsoft Virtual Server, this might mean that there is an issue with the deployment of the appliance. Before attempting to deploy the vCD, a few steps must be completed in order to ensure proper communication between vCD and the ESX server.

Virtual appliances use a software stack to automate the backup process.1 Admin Guide – and I strongly recommend to download this file from VMware vSphere Data Protection. Data Protection Manager provides the foundation for configuring and running a wide variety of VDI applications. It includes the core data protection manager components and several additional storage component solutions such as tape-based backup and Microsoft SQL Server Compact Data Recovery. To protect data from disaster, administrators can set up the Virtual appliance to perform automatic backup whenever a server is powered down. This method uses the 'restore point' technology that is included with Microsoft Exchange Server.

DPM provides a very robust and flexible data protection manager. DPM is the configuration tool that provides the basis for configuring the various backup appliances like the web, file, and excel servers. DPM also provides the ability to define custom policies and rules so that only selected applications like eConnect can initiate data recovery. Microsoft Data Protection Manager also offers an integrated interface for controlling access to the backup system and for monitoring the health of the appliance. The features and benefits of DPM are very much appreciated by companies that deploy server backup solutions.

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