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EU data Protection reform timetable

Guest contribution by Dr. Ulrich Wuermeling about the importance of the European Data Protection Reform for Dialogue Marketing.

As far as the timetable of the decision-makers in Brussels is concerned, a comprehensive data protection reform is expected to become directly applicable around the year 2016. The reform aims to replace and harmonize the current national laws.
Viviane Reding, the responsible European Commissioner and Vice-President of the European Commission, believes that the reform will be instrumental for the modernization of data protection law, a better protection of personal rights, the development of competition and the economy and for the reduction of bureaucratic burdens. The draft reform bill of the European Commission which was presented on 25 January 2012, however, does not fulfill these goals. Especially in the area of dialogue marketing, it will rather have a detrimental effect.

“On average, European citizens receive less than one personalised promotional letter per day.”

So far, it has been lawful within the European Union to advertise ones’ goods and services via postal mailing of dialogue marketing material. The economic importance of written dialogue with customers and potential customers is a major one, while the actual interference with the addressees’ private sphere remains minimal. On average, European citizens receive less than one personalised promotional letter per day. Thanks to a sensitive selection of addressees, postal dialogue marketing is the optimal type of advertising for all parties concerned.

Cross-border exploration of new markets

Today, addressees only receive advertising they, most likely, are interested in. It is possible to approach potential new customers because companies have the right to use the customer addresses of other companies or data from public sources. This way, new markets can be explored - also across national boundaries. The planned reform of European data protection law jeopardizes these opportunities.

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