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NetApp data Protection solutions

SW.jpgBy Dan Chilton and Bhavik Desai, NetApp Solutions Performance Engineers

In our last Flying Through Clouds installment, we covered establishing the right performance methodology and compared that to establishing a flight plan. As you think about deploying and provisioning for new and/or existing applications, the key thing to do especially if the task is going to be repeated quite a few times is to standardize. Consistency breeds predictability. Standardizing on a consistent set of practices and processes takes the guess work out of a complex set of tasks like provisioning and deploying applications in a datacenter.

The Southwest Airlines Way

A great example of how standardizing has helped an organization is Southwest Airlines. The airline industry is a commoditized market where most of the major airlines are operating at a loss. Southwest Airlines is the most profitable airline in the US. A big reason of that is they have embraced standardization in pretty much everything they do. They fly one big plane, the Boeing 737.

This simplifies complexity in their processes and helps them standardize on things like parts inventory, pilot training, and plane maintenance. From the pilot to the baggage handler, everyone is trained on single standard equipment which also helps in knowledge management. Standardizing on equipment and processes helps them drive higher operational efficiency in running their business.

incubator.PNGNetApp on NetApp

Provisioning and deploying IT services in a datacenter is a complex task. Let me share with you an example of how NetApp IT standardizes these tasks. For each service platform that Dan identified in the previous blog, NetApp IT has a set number of storage controllers and disk shelves that fit into one complete rack or half rack.

So when the time comes to deploy a new service platform due to reaching the thresholds of performance or capacity of the existing platform, they just deploy a new service platform with the standard configuration and add it to the existing environment. Leveraging the flexibility of clustered Data ONTAP, they can then provision new applications or move existing applications to the newly deployed platform seamlessly. Since the hardware is standardized, even provisioning of aggregates and volumes for every service platform is automated using OnCommand Workflow Automation and follows the same process every time a new platform is deployed.

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