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newbadtableToday’s post is by 3Q Digital Search Account Coordinator (and Excel whiz) search blog partnership. Now, let’s get to some advice on advanced Excel reporting.

There are many useful Excel tips for PPC out there and even more general Excel help forums offering all sorts of suggestions for formulas, reference sites, etc. It’s all great stuff, but one of the things I’ve had trouble finding lots of info on is reporting templates for PPC.

For those savvy in Excel, it’s fairly easy to use the formulas and tips you find online to build yourself a clean and nice-looking report. Building out sheets for each variation and request and manipulating the data for each report, though? That’s a major time sink. But rather than pay a third party to make your reports for you, which costs lots of money and adds a potentially clumsy middleman, you can learn to do automated reports yourself and become the office hero.

Learn what a good PPC report looks like and discover formulas that will unlock a whole new world of Excel wizardry.

Reporting Templates for PPC

Very often I see reports with long scrolling sheets full of data tables from past months/weeks/days:

This never-ending sheet of past data feels messy and unprofessional to me, and I always want to provide the client with something cleaner and more presentable. Why not build out a template that can be used universally on most client accounts with a vast range of data that a) looks nice and b) condenses the data in a much more digestible manner, both for the ease of use for the client as well as for internal account monitoring?

This thing is beautiful, no?The report should be easy to update and still look nice with little work needed on upkeep:

For this report, you dump your data into a hidden raw data sheet that is leveraged onto a table with drop-down menu choices that will adjust the tables’ data accordingly. In this case, there is just one table with multiple week choices, removing the need for a long sheet of messy tables.

Formulas for PPC

I’ve always felt macros can scare away a lot of people from Excel once you start needing to use visual basic, so my goal was to create a universal (with some rare exceptions) report that could easily be adjusted to each client but, once set up, would offer a quick and painless way to generate the weekly/daily/monthly reports that usually take hours of time each time you update. Internally, we’ve recognized the need for some time; one of my colleagues, Jay Stampfl, has also been hard at work making reports better, faster, and more digestible (for our company and the industry at large).

Most people with experience in Excel and PPC have the formula knowledge to build and maintain a report template. There is a fairly steep learning curve, but once you get past that initial step, you have some very powerful formulas at your fingertips that can do a lot more than many think they can do.

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