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Companies using database management

What if you could provision a highly available, compliant database in one click? For many, this sounds impossible…particularly behind the firewall. Yet, it is possible today because database management has changed.

The change has been driven by years, perhaps decades, of unmet needs. For example, we’ve all heard these types of comments made inside our respective companies:

  1. “Could we have a temporary copy of the database to use for a few days?”
  2. “We can finish faster doing it ourselves with a PC under someone’s desk.”
  3. “Didn’t we just buy a bunch of new database licenses?”
  4. “I have to test this with production data.”
  5. “It would be crazy to put two databases on the same server.

Five Trends Pushing Database as a Service (DBaaS)

And, these aren’t just one-off quotes about databases. These quotes correlate directly to the following enterprise trends (i.e. quote #1 above is correlated directly to trend #1 below, etc.) – trends that make the case for DBaaS:

  1. Database Sprawl and Infrastructure Growth – Over time, companies created 100s or 1000s of hardly used copies of databases that sit idle on servers and cost millions. With, database infrastructure management has become complicated and introduced many risks.
  2. Self Service Technology – Since IT became a department, it has been overworked. Work-groups (inside and outside IT) got tired of waiting and needed “IT on demand.” When the demand for infrastructure outpaced the ability for IT to deliver, people found answers by putting a server underneath someone’s desk to “serve themselves” or by . With this trend, compliance, risk, and security have had a hard time keeping up.
  3. Cost Savings from Virtualization – Virtualization has cut billions of dollars of costs from IT and has billions to go as more workloads get virtualized. Ironically, companies are seeing up to 40-50% cost reduction in infrastructure budgets, while database budgets continue to increase.
  4. Data Driven Business Decisions – Every workgroup and department is using applications to improve business operations and companies want to better understand customer usage of the internet and apps. As we use data more to power our businesses through analytics, “real production data” becomes more and more important.
  5. Cost-Effectively Scaling the Data Layer – While people are using applications and data more than ever, the traditional database/infrastructure model has been expensive to scale at an enterprise level of SLAs. For example, growth in data often leads to new and expensive orders for both hardware and software, and there is too much expense and complexity to make Tier 2 databases highly available.

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OBJECTIVE To obtain a challenging position with room for professional growth.
11/2004 - 5/2006
Office Manager xxxxxxx co
Responsible for database management, scheduling clients, donors and volunteer staff, meeting and greeting, answering emails, and updating website.
10/2001 - 5/2004
Credit & Collection Officer xxxx co
Responsible for patient collections, processing applications for Financial Assistance, determining eligibility for Medicaid and assisting patients with the Medicaid application. Set up and tracking of payment plans. Verifying accuracy of all outgoing statements and bills

Job Ad Continues -- PART II

by --

II Payroll & Benefits
1) Work with HR to maintain payroll
2) Direct deposit; review and supervise where appropriate
3) Proper deductions for medical, 401(K), short & long term disability, medical and dental; review with HR, etc.
4) Payroll processing including tax, benefits, 401(K) and other deductions using outsourced payroll processing services
III Reports
1) Vendor purchases & insurance
2) Customer extra work order and sales
3) Amortization, cash flow, and partnership distribution schedules
4) Monthly company P&L
5) Portfolio review

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