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Manage Security Easily, Efficiently

Establish and maintain database security whether you are managing an existing production database or setting up a new environment. You'll find consistent support across all of the supported platforms as DBArtisan lets you view, grant, and revoke permissions or privileges. When you open a security-related object, such as user or role, the Permissions tab lets you assign permissions on an object-by-object basis.

DBArtisanSeamless Schema and Data Migrations

Advanced data management tools help to move schema and corresponding table data across the same or different platforms. The Migration Wizard guides administrators through a multi-step process that lets you select source and target data sources, select object types and specific objects to be migrated, specify a flexible set of migration options, and view progress of the operation.

The Analyst Series Give DBAs Greater Insight

For advanced space, capacity, and performance analysis and management, DBArtisan's optional Space, Capacity, and Performance Analyst components contain sophisticated diagnostics to help you pinpoint problems in your database.Improve database performance The series facilitates troubleshooting bottlenecks and performance inefficiencies that result in poor space management, tracking key database metadata and performance metrics over time, and provides intelligent diagnostic information with strong drilldown details.

Ensure Organizational Data Governance with Analytics, Centralized Datasources and Inline Metadata

Improve database performance, uptime and availability with DBArtisan’s analytical and management capabilities. DBAs can utilize DBArtisan’s Analyst Series for detailed analysis of database space, capacity, and performance to improve database performance. DBArtisan also empowers DBAs to find, know, and protect their data through a centralized datasource repository and the use of inline metadata to provide valuable awareness of sensitive data stemming from PII, regulatory, data governance policies and their policy owners.

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What do you want to learn how to do?

by navel

I'm always puzzled why people ask about learning a tool or programming language without mentioning what they want to do with it.
But anyhoo, here's a CCSF course that sounds right:
CIS 134A. Client-Side Databases (3)
Lec-3, lab-3
Advise: CIS 100P
Introduction to single-user database management systems. Design and development of relational database systems using client-based software. Students will use SQL and other database tools to define and manipulate the database. This course uses Microsoft Access software and includes a brief introduction to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

Can I ask you to take a peek?

by feelindrastic

Hi. Please don't burn your eyes out pouring over the details. I just want to know if you think this style of describing one's position is preferable to short bullet points...
"Position: Project Manager
Provided project leadership for a web-based, SQL customer support database (STATS) development team. The job responsibilities at IBM involved developing an effective project management system to track, monitor and support the delivery of the customer support center reporting System. This web-based reporting system provided the tools and support used by the IBM Customer Support Centers to evaluate their performance, plan their resource requirements, and coordinate work activities

Springer In-Memory Data Management: Technology and Applications
Book (Springer)
  • Used Book in Good Condition

互联网时代的网络自动化运维  — 中关村在线
CMDB(Configuration Management Database) 配置管理数据库(以下简称:CMDB),将IT基础架构的所有组件存储为配置项,维护每个配置项的详细数据,维护各配置项之间的关系数据以及事件、变更历史等管理数据。通过将这些数 ..

Nic Raboy SQLTool Pro Database Editor
Mobile Application (Nic Raboy)
  • Support for MySQL, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Derby, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases
  • Export table row data to a CSV file
  • Customized queries with the query editor
  • Easy to use interface
  • Extensive help documentation
  • SSH Tunneling with password and public key authentication support
IDC Worldwide Database Development and Management Tools 2010-2014 Forecast: An Initial Look
Book (IDC)
Filemaker Inc. FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced - Spanish
Software (Filemaker Inc.)
  • FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced includes all the features of FileMaker Pro 13 plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools.
  • Design and develop solutions for iPad, iPhone, desktop and web faster and easier with Custom Menus, Custom Functions, and more.
  • Monitor more efficiently using the interactive Script Debugger and powerful Data Viewer.
  • Modify and maintain databases with ease using the advanced Database Design Report and Multiple Table Import.
  • NEW! Use FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced to enable powerful AES 256-bit encryption to secure your data from unauthorized access -whether it?s on a FileMaker client or...
Pearson FT Press Marketing and Sales Analytics: Proven Techniques and Powerful Applications from Industry Leaders (FT Press Analytics)
eBooks (Pearson FT Press)

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