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mysql 5 Open Source Database: Overview, Comparison and FeaturesEarlier we have talked about SQL Database. In this post I am going to list some of the popular open source, free database software. Before starting any service online it is much necessary to choose a database that can guarantee uptime, security and meet all your needs.

Costs is always a concern when choosing a database, RDBMS from multinational corporations can be very costly and can cause you much grief if you are running a cost-free service online. Eventually open source database management tools can be very handy. These databases are either free or costs very less and offers most of the features of high-end database systems.

Open Source Database Tools

Here are the top 5 most popular open source database software and their comparison:

1) MySQL

MySQL is the most popular and widely used relational database management system that provides multi-user access to number of databases. MySQL is now owned by Oracle and uses Sequential Query Language to manage database. Its source is available under GNU license and propriety agreements. MySQL is most popular among PHP developers and used for websites, web applications and online services.

MySQL is available for free for non commercial purpose and can cost you less then $200 for commercial use. Offers features just like MS-SQL, Oracle and IBM DB2, large end database applications.

2) PostgreSQL

It is developed by PostgreSQL Global Development Group and is an ORDBMS(Object Relational Database Management System). Available for all platforms Mac, Windows, Solaris and Linux under MIT license, PostgreSQL supports all the properties of major databases. PostgreSQL is currently available as version 9.1.

3) SQLite

SQLite is a small lightweight embedded database used in Application File formats, Database for mobile apps and websites. SQLite has compliance with ACID properties of database. It is faster and has simple to use API. SQLite comes with a standalone command-line interface (CLI) client that can be used to administer SQLite databases.

4) Berkeley DB

Owned by Oracle, Berkeley DB provides the foundational storage services for your application, no matter how demanding and unique your requirements may seem to be . Berkeley DB APIs are available in almost all programming languages including ANSI-C, C++, Java, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby and Erlang.

A program accessing the database is free to decide how the data is to be stored in a record. Berkeley DB puts no constraints on the record’s data. The record and its key can both be up to four gigabytes long. Note that Berkeley DB is not a full DBMS.

5) Firebird

Firebird has always been more fully featured than MySQL, and has, unlike PostgreSQL, always worked well on Windows as well as Linux and other ‘Nix variants. Firebird provides a lot of the features available in commercial databases, including stored procedures, triggers, hot backups (backups while the database is running) and replication. Firebird database comes in two variations, classic server and super server.

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by madflower

I have seen a lot of businesses with linux for their backend servers and a number with specific applications for front ends. Even people that are die-hard windows people whom i thought would never have a linux server, have one now.
Anyway, based on the limited information you gave.
If you are looking for turnkey accounting system or inventory management system. they do exist, and as someone stated before they are mostly web browser driven. Typically off a mysql backend. Again users don't have to change to linux to do
this, and you dont have to ruin your existing system while you are porting the applications to web driven ones

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