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Oracle database 11gR2 upgrades: advanced tips and best practices

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The Strugatsky brothers have a book where in the army the officer asks the soldiers if they are ready to attack the enemy. One of the men says yes but do we have incense? Why do we need incense, asks the army officer? Well, in case we meet the devil says the soldier.

Do I really need incense when upgrading to 11g? Let us see.

According to the 2011 IOUG Survey on Database Manageability, keeping databases at current patch levels is the primary DBA challenge. Of course, in order to have that current level you need to upgrade/patch the database.

For basic tips and best practices on how to upgrade to 11gR2, read carefully Best Practices for Upgrading to Oracle Database 11g Release 2, the issues I describe below come on top of Oracle’s document and are based on hands-on experience, I am far from advertising how simple the 11g upgrade is:

1. Control the size of the SYSAUX tablespace. It grows due to two main reasons: the CBO historical statistics do not get purged automatically and the SQL Plan Baselines consume gigabytes of disk space.

Have a look at these:

Bug 9910484 - SQL Plan Management Capture uses excessive space in SYSAUX [ID 9910484.8] Bug 8553944 - SYSAUX tablespace grows [ID 8553944.8] Bug 10279045 - Slow Statistics purging (SYSAUX grows) [ID 10279045.8] Bug 12958182 - SYSAUX tablespace grows (mon_mods_all$ and col_usage$) [ID 12958182.8] Bug 13632540 - SQL PLAN BASELINES GENERATES TOO MUCH DATA ON LOB SEGMENT, SYS.SYS_LOBXXX

By default the MMON performs the automatic purge that removes all history older than the older of:

* current time – statistics history retention (by default 31 days) and
* time of recent analyze in the system – 1

MMON performs the purge of the optimizer stats history automatically but it has an internal limit of 5 minutes to perform this job. If the operation takes more than 5 minutes then it’s aborted and the stats are not purged and no trace or alert message is reported.

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