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Team Password Manager Passwords List View in an Iphone 4Today's release has many new features and changes but one stands above the others: Team Password Manager is now responsive!

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Team Password Manager is now responsive

We've been through all the screens in Team Password Manager and made them usable with smartphones with "small" screen resolutions. Here you have two screenshots taken with an IPhone 4:

Duplicate passwordList of passwords:

Password view:

Today's release has the following new features, some of which were announced in our last post:

Duplicate passwords

Now it's possible to make a copy of a password within the same project:

There are several options when duplicating passwords: duplicate also its files (if the password has files), generate a new password for the password(s) field(s) and copy also the custom fields. There's also the option of directly editing the new password after duplication.

Encrypt database configuration in config.php

This security feature allows the sysadmin to set the database parameters of the Team Password Manager database in config.php as encrypted strings.Encrypt db config To do this, it's as easy as selecting a new option in "Settings" called "Encrypt DB Config", that shows the information to put in config.php:

In this post we're writing about two features that will be available in the next release: password duplication and encryption of database parameters in config.php.

This functionality allows any user with access to a password to copy it within the same project. A new button in the password called "Duplicate" brings up the following screen:

Duplicate passwordTwo options are available when duplicating passwords: duplicate also its files, if the password has files, and generate a new password for the password field. If this last option is not selected the password field is simply copied like the other fields.

We've written some new documents to supplement the new features in the last version (2.18.35). Here you have them:

Today we're releasing a new version with many new features. The most important ones are:

Timeout and auto-logout

You can now set how long an inactive session lasts. The setting is global for all the users and if Javascript is active it will kick the user out automatically.

Tags search

Tags can be searched when a tag list appears (in passwords and projects):

This feature is only available if Javascript is active.

Grant access to passwords directly

With this release it's possible to grant access to a password to a user or group that doesn't have access to the password's project. This is a feature that lots of users have demanded.

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