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SQLite database Manager

At startup a Wizard will guide you through the most common operations like create a new in-memory or file based database, open an existing file, open a database from a Favorites list and so on.

Powerful GUI

The true power of SQLiteManager is its simple and intuitive interface, all the main features are just a click away and most of the time very complicated command line commands are wrapped inside a simple button. The same interface is used in both the MacOS X and Windows version and you can also purchase a multiplatform license in order to use the same serial number on both platforms.

SQL Queries

Instead of typing complicated command line commands, SQLiteManager allows you to query data contained in tables or views with just one click. If you need to refine your queries you can stack up an unlimited numbers of filters.

Inline Editing done right!

Inline editing is always difficult within most database management apps, where available space is limited and there are no options which are easily accessed. With SQLiteManager 4, a special popover window is displayed when you click on a cell which has plenty of space and options available. To speed up editing operations, you can edit all of the rows inside a table just using the keyboard.

Table Editor with live sql preview

The Table editor is incredibly powerful. Based upon your settings, it automatically recognises whether the Alter Table operation is natively supported by sqlite or whether a special transaction is required. Live SQL preview offers you detailed information about the sql generated by your actions. Foreign Keys are also fully supported within the table editor.

Powerful Print

Thanks to a powerful print engine you can now customize and preview all your prints. BLOB images are automatically recognized and printed and the print engine is driven by simple SQL queries that you can customize at any time. Built-in PDF exporting capabilities on both MacOS X and Windows is a must.

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So here's a rough idea for solving this problem by taking control of the iTunes XML file using a script/program:
-The iTunes XML library is parsed and stored in a relational database (SQLite?)
-To start iTunes, a utility script is employed.
-The script first checks to see which volumes are mounted.
-It then checks for volumes referenced in the SQL database.
-Then it checks for new, not-yet-imported iTunes libraries on the mounted volumes

Developer Advanced Sqlite Manager
Mobile Application (Developer)
  • Open, read, and edit your .db and .sqlite files
  • Create your own Sqlite database and create Tables
  • Insert values into tables and create view and drop view

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John Li SQLite Manager
Mobile Application (John Li)
  • Manage SQL databases from your device
  • Edit, delete, and run SQL commands
  • Enjoy clean, simple interface
Speed Software Root Explorer
Mobile Application (Speed Software)
  • Multiple tabs.
  • Network (SMB), Google Drive, Box and Dropbox support.
  • Concurrent, background processing of multiple operations with notifications.
  • Action bar and multi-select action mode support.
  • Fully customizable list icons.

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