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Identity Federation Management tool

Let's go through this, one step at a time:

  1. The Identity Broker

    This flow presupposes the existence of an Identity Broker. The broker is responsible for mapping the employee identifier in to a set of AWS credentials. This could be implemented as a separate process or network service, or it could be embedded in the calling application. If the broker is running in a separate process, there is no need to embed an AWS credentials in the storage application.

    We have put together a sample Identity Broker in order to show you how to build one of your own. The sample code implements a proxy using Microsoft Active Directory. The proxy issues temporary security credentials for access to Amazon S3 buckets and objects, using permissions that are tied to a particular Active Directory User. The code includes a sample Federation Proxy and a sample console application.

    An employee decides to use an AWS-powered reporting application to save some information in Amazon S3.
  2. The application calls an Identity Broker. The broker accepts an employee identifier as input.
  3. The Identity Broker uses the organization's LDAP directory to validate the employee's identity.
  4. The Identity Broker calls the new GetFederationToken function using IAM credentials. The call must include an IAM policy and a duration (1 to 36 hours), along with a policy that specifies the permissions to be granted to the temporary security credentials.
  5. The Security Token Service confirms that the policy of the IAM user making the call to GetFederationToken gives permission to create new tokens and then returns four values to the application: An access key, a secret access key, a token, and a duration (the token's lifetime).
  6. The Identity Broker returns the temporary security credentials to the reporting application.
  7. The data storage application uses the temporary security credentials (including the token) to make requests to Amazon S3.
  8. Amazon S3 uses IAM to verify that the credentials allow the requested operation on the given S3 bucket and key
  9. IAM provides S3 with the go-ahead to perform the requested operation.

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