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Oracle Identity Governance; Solve your biggest identity challenges!

Until now, enterprises have been forced to piece together different kinds of technology to get a comprehensive identity protection. They want to ensure users have sufficient access privileges to perform their job functions but at the same time constrain those privileges to meet compliance and security policies. Due to an increasing number of systems, apps and users, this concerns millions of entitlements for just a handful of Administrators. How can you ever handle this directly, agile and even partially automated?

Oracle Identity Governance gives you a purposeful solution for these governance challenges. It provides a unique focus in Identity Governance by combining access grants and access monitoring. Users are thereby able to procure access when they need it. Oracle Identity Governance Suite offers you also a preventative and controlling monitor tool to ensure that users have just enough access to fulfill their job responsibilities. This will offer you a closed loop governance by using a common data model and a platform based architecture which is fully integrated with your identity and access management solution.

Oracle Identity Governance Suite is part of Oracle Identity Management 11G release 2. This release contains also:

  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Oracle Identity Analytics
  • Oracle Privileged account manager
This together offers a complete and integrated, next-generation identity management platform that provides enormous scalability; enables rapid compliance; secures sensitive applications and data; works on premise and in the cloud while reducing operational costs by improving control.

With this new way of combining security and productivity you will not only be able to use your identity at the office. You can take it with you on your phone, in the cloud and across the social world.

Identity Governance Suite Components

Okay, let us take a closer look on how Oracle Identity Governance Suite solves today’s challenges.

We can divide the core functionalities into provisioning and de-provisioning:

Provisioning(Granting / enabling)

  • Access request
  • Privileged account request
  • Role lifecycle management
  • Check-in / check-out
De-provisioning(Monitoring / disabling)
  • Identity certifications
  • IT audit monitoring
  • Rogue detection & reconciliation
  • Reporting & privileged access monitoring

Besides those two parts of functionality which both covers four unique government challenges there is also the heart of the Oracle Identity Governance Suite in place. This heart is called the Access Catalog. The access catalog provides a storage of various access rights across applications and platforms in addition to comprehensive catalog management capabilities. This catalog contains a continuous job which automatically harvests new information about privileges and entitlements when they become available in the target systems or when roles are defined or modified in the role management features build in this solution. Automatically harvested data can be enriched with descriptions and risk levels to make it more business user friendly.

Access requests

Procure access by filling a browser based form, it is now possible with Oracle Identity Governance Suite. The procurement looks just like a normal web shop, instead of now you are shopping for entitlements. This will increase the user experience trough the high level of user friendliness. This will also create a bigger awareness for the user.

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