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Self Service Identity Management solutions

SSRPM: Web Interface

How Does SSRPM Work? (Video)

Tools4ever's Self-Service Reset Password Manager (SSRPM) is a password management solution that allows end-users to reset their active directory password based on simple, predefined questions. The "Forgot My Password" button is integrated into the Logon screen and supports many platforms.

Reduces password reset calls by up to 90%

Two-factor and SMS Authentication

Password reset with
multi-platform support

Video Tutorials


  • Language Support
  • Customizable Password Policy
  • Advanced Authentication
  • Reversible Encryption
  • Helpdesk Called ID Verification

reset password active directoy questionsScreenshots

Product News

Mobile Friendly: The SSRPM web interface is mobile friendly in order to make the website easier to navigate when using a handheld device.
CAPTCHA: SSRPM has CAPTCHA functionality which can easily be enabled or disabled.

Improve Efficiency

On average, 25% of the calls to a helpdesk are estimated to be password-related, such as requests to reset passwords. The IT staff is burdened with resolving these calls, resulting in an increased administrative load for the IT department. At the same time, the end-user also wastes time and is less productive, because he or she is locked out of the network temporarily.

The installation of our password reset manager is possible in less than two hours. By deploying the self-service reset password management tool, you are allowing end users to remain productive by conducting a password reset themselves anytime and anywhere, eliminating any idle time being locked out of the system.

Improve Security

By posing predefined questions to establish the identity of the end-user, the risk of fraudulent requests for password resets is avoided and, because all the actions of SSRPM are recorded in an audit log, standard management reports can be generated with SSRPM, particularly for organizations having to work with SOX, HIPAA, SEC and GLBA requirements.

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