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Monitoring Web Services performance

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Active monitoring from the end user perspective

Keynote Web Monitoring uses Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and mobile browsers to accurately simulate customer journeys while measuring end user experience from locations around the world.

Assure the availability and performance of your websites and APIs—even those optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With the inherent consistency and deep detail delivered by active monitoring, you can quickly diagnose root cause and repair issues at both the application and network level.

Real User Monitoring

Every visitor to your site is unique, and so is the performance they experience. Keynote Real User Monitoring reveals the performance of your site for all your visitors, no matter what device they use, or where they live.

Analyze real user performance trends to uncover hidden improvement opportunities and to correlate key user behaviors (conversion, abandonment, engagement, etc.) with page responsiveness.


Mobile Web Monitoring

Whether your mobile Web strategy is to deploy dedicated mobile-optimized sites, or use responsive web design, Keynote has your back. Effective performance monitoring requires technology that manages the unique complexities and demands of the mobile ecosystem.


Dashboards, analytics and alarms

Keynote Web Monitoring quickly triages issues only discoverable from the end user perspective, plus it enables you to fix and improve your pages, applications and infrastructure.

Look in the world’s web operation centers and you’ll find Keynote. Our dashboards, graphs, charts and notifications allows teams to instantly identify issues, find root cause, identify patterns and understand the impact of change on performance—and the business.


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