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Network performance monitoring tools Windows

Windows Response Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

System Monitoring

Monitor system CPU, memory, disk space, number of ports open, response time and network bandwidth utilization. Also view each system’s CPU usage in a server by selecting it.

Response Time

Track the response time of the servers/systems in an intuitive graph and ensure that the user doesn’t have to wait long to use an application.

Dashboard View

View top 3 systems memory, CPU, disk utilization along with their name and IP address details. Watch for color-coded alerts showing the systems with high resource utilization.

System Monitoring - ManageEngine Free ToolsThreshold Settings

Set warning and critical threshold values for CPU, disk and memory usage.

TCP Port Scanning

View open ports in the selected server with its description.

Port Scan Setting

Configure the port scan setting by adding the port numbers which you want scanned or by specifying the from-port and to-port numbers that needs to be scanned. Windows Health Monitor scans all the ports in the specified range.

Report Generation

Generate reports for a particular server with CPU, memory, disk space, number of ports and bandwidth utilization. The report is available in PDF format.

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