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Performance monitoring IIS memory

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At Monitis, we strive to monitor and report high uptime and provide the best user experience for our customers. To achieve this goal, we are preparing a series of performance tuning tips that cover areas including Windows and Linux server performance and Javascript tuning.

From a web application perspective, web server performance is one of the most critical segments. In this series of articles, we will cover IIS (Internet Information Server) web server performance tuning, providing tips to make IIS management easier.

Microsoft IIS Server is one of the most popular web servers for Windows-based servers.

A Brief Introduction to IIS

IIS is the Microsoft implementation of an HTTP web server. As a component of the Windows operating system, IIS web server is tightly integrated into the OS itself and designed to deliver the best possible performance.

IIS Server includes not only the HTTP web server but also the FTP and SMTP services.

Microsoft IIS Server also serves as the foundation for other important business applications such as Exchange and SharePoint.

There are several versions of IIS Server, each tied to the corresponding version of the operating system. Three of the Microsoft IIS servers are IIS 6 in Windows 2003, IIS7 in Windows 2008 and IIS 7.5 in Windows 2008 R2.

Microsoft IIS server is the most used web server after the Apache HTTP Server.

Performance Tips for IIS

Server performance is linked with the number of requests that a server can handle at a time and the time required for processing these requests. Many factors, including hardware, other applications running on the same computer, network bandwidth and other elements, impact IIS 7.0 performance. These performance tips are broadly classified into:

  • Application Based
  • Software Based
  • Feature Based

In this article, we will cover application based performance tips for IIS servers.

Application Based Performance Tips

The following tuning tips, based on the applications running on IIS, can help administrators with IIS management and optimize the performance of IIS.

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My ex-employer told me he will subcontract a job to me to install a composite material vacuum and temperature monitoring system. I designed and bid it, but he does not want the work. He told me I can have all the profit if I assume responsibility for providing satisfactory performance. The cost of my monthly California State Disability Insurance and liability insurance was more than he would make on the job. There is not enough profit in automation and instrumentation anymore.
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Contributed to the development of ASTM test methods for food service equipment
Introduced mathematical model used in the simulation of commercial water heating systems with unsteady flow characteristics
Prepared and performed presentations related to commercial water heating
Automotive Technician/Consultant, Independent, September 2001-December 2004
Offered consultation on performanc…

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