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Azure enhanced monitoring for SAPAs many of you saw in our announcement last week, several SAP applications are now certified to run in Azure Virtual Machines with more coming in near future. This is an exciting development for customers looking to run SAP applications in Azure and you can find more details here. In this blog I want to focus on the Azure Enhanced Monitoring solution for SAP that is required when you run SAP NetWeaver based systems on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines. SAP systems are often the most critical applications that enterprises run in their IT environment and have very specific performance and availability requirements. Monitoring the performance of such applications then becomes a key requirement.

The Azure Enhanced Monitoring for SAP is the solution designed to meet this requirement. This solution is built on top of the recently released VM Agent and Extensions capability and contains two new extensions, 1) Windows Azure Diagnostics Extension: This extension allows you to collect diagnostic data such as OS and application performance counters from an Azure Virtual Machines. Users of Azure Cloud services should be familiar with Windows Azure Diagnostics and this extension is delivers the same functionality for Azure Virtual Machines 2) Azure Monitoring Extension for SAP: This is a special extension that consumes the diagnostic data collected by Windows Azure Diagnostic extension and few other data sources such as Azure Storage Analytics Metrics and transforms it into an aggregated data set appropriate for SAP Host control process to consume.

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