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key-challenges-for-NPMTRAC is publishing a 2-part article about key trends in the Network Performance Monitoring market in 2013. The first part analyzes top market trends based on TRAC’s survey data while Part 2 will analyze key changes in the technology vendor landscape in 2013.

TRAC’s 2013 Network Performance Monitoring research is based on insights from more than 500 user organizations. Here is a brief overview of some of the key findings:

  • Network becoming more of a strategic asset. A top strategic goal of IT executives for network performance management is enabling networks to support new technology rollouts and major strategic initiatives (53% of organizations). Additionally, 42% of organizations reported that improving the quality of user experience is one of their top strategic goals for managing network performance. This shows that the role of the network is becoming more strategic, as network performance is having a major impact on all key business processes and effectiveness of business users.
  • The need for leveraging network data for business purposes. 36% of organizations reported that lack of visibility into the business impact of network performance is one of the key challenges for network performance management. Additionally, the concept of Wire Data is receiving more traction with end-user organizations, as they are increasingly looking to maximize the value of network data they are collecting and use it more for business and operational purposes.
  • Challenges of managing network performance in virtualized environments. TRAC’s research shows that the #1 challenge for using Network Management Systems (NMS) is the inability to troubleshoot problems in virtualized environments. This comes as a result of organizations virtualizing their infrastructures and finding that their current NPM tools are not as effective in these environments.
  • Challenges of managing 10Gb networks. Many organizations are finding that network monitoring tools they deployed in the past are not as effective when used to monitor and record traffic from high speed links. As a result, organizations are reporting that the ability to analyze and report issues at 10Gb line rate is the #1 capability they are looking to deploy.
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