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Performance monitoring tools for Ubuntu

system-monitorYou can obviously achieve better system performance if you are monitoring your system properly. Every operating system has the tools and techniques to monitor the system performance, so does Ubuntu Linux. You can monitor your Ubuntu system in one of the following ways.

Method 1 : Use System Monitor

System Monitor is a default installed utility to monitor the system. It can be loaded from Applications > System Tools > System Monitor.

system-load-system-monitor1Update: What we showed below is the System Monitor for KDE. As the commenter(Vadium) rightly points out the System Monitor of default Genome environment can be accessed by going to System > Administration.

It has a very eye-candy graphical interface with two main tabs, Process Table and System Load.

Process Table shows the CPU, memory, and network performance in the form of graphs. Have a look at the following screen shot.

system-monitor-process-tableNow, lets explore the System Load tab, it will show you all running programs along with their memory usage. From here you can get an idea which program is consuming more resources of your system.

Method 2: Use Saidar

You can use the saidar tool to monitor your system. It is a tool which shows system performance in terminal. So to use saidar, you must be familiar with terminal. To install it, simply run following command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install saidar

It will install in no time. Once installation is complete, open your terminal and run following command.

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