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Tools to Monitor network performance

-X [METHOD] If the method is not GET or POST
-data For URL encoded request parameters
-data-binary For multipart request parameters
-http/VERSION If the HTTP version is not 1.1
-I If the method is HEAD
-H One for each request parameter

Network request details

Clicking on a row displays a new pane in the right-hand side of the network monitor, which provides more detailed information about the request.

The tabs at the top of this pane enable you to switch between five different pages:

  • Headers
  • Cookies
  • Params
  • Response
  • Timings

From Firefox 30 onwards, there's a sixth page that appears only if the content type is HTML, the Preview page.

Clicking the icon to the left of the tabs closes the pane and returns you to the list view.

This tab lists basic information about the request including URL and status code, as well as the HTTP request and response headers that were sent:

You can filter the headers that are displayed:


This tab lists full details of any cookies sent with the request or response:

As with headers, you can filter the list of cookies displayed.


This tab displays the GET parameters and POST data of a request:


The complete content of the response. If the response is HTML, JS, or CSS, it will be shown as text:

If the response is JSON, it will be shown as an inspectable object:

If the response is an image, the tab displays a preview:


This feature is new in Firefox 30.

From Firefox 30 onwards, if the file type is HTML a sixth tab appears labeled "Preview". This renders just that HTML:

Performance analysis

The performance analysis tool is new in Firefox 29.

From Firefox 29 onwards, the Network Monitor includes a performance analysis tool, to help show you how long the browser takes to download the different parts of your site.

To run the performance analysis tool click the stopwatch icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the Network Monitor:

(Alternatively, if you have only just opened the Network Monitor, so it's not yet populated with the list of requests, you'll get a stopwatch icon in the main window.)

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