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Windows performance Monitor log files

Windows 7 real-time Performance Monitor screen shotSolutions provider takeaway: The performance monitor in Windows 7 can help ease the process of monitoring Windows 7 performance data. Using data collector sets from Windows 7 Performance Monitor, you can now view data and configure how it is archived.

Working with the Performance Monitor

For many years, the Performance Monitor tool stood alone. In Vista, it was combined with the Resource Monitor and the Reliability Monitor. It was also given a new structure for collecting data. The Performance Monitor can show you performance data in either real-time or from a log file. Data Collector Sets can be set to run immediately or on a schedule to collect and analyze specific aspects of your system.

Monitoring Tools, Performance Monitor (see Figure 11.6) displays a visual representation of your system so you can inspect a variety of components, beyond what the Resource Monitor shows you. Initially, you won't see more than the % Process Time. You can add more performance metrics (called counters) by hitting the + sign.

Windows 7 Performance Monitor System Diagnotics report screen shotWhen you first see the number of possible counters and instances, the task of choosing which items to monitor can seem overwhelming. There are roughly 100 different Performance objects for any given system (you can monitor the local system or a remote one). Each of those objects contains counters. (There are way too many counters to know them all.) Once you have all your counters set up, you can make changes to the way they are displayed. For example, you can change the line colors for each counter to make it easier to determine which line you are watching. You can change the format of the display to a graph, a histogram, or a report (numeric display).

Data Collector Sets allow you to use System-defined sets (there is one for System Diagnostics and one for System Performance) or User-defined sets (which is empty to start with, you literally have to create your own). You can also look at Event Trace Sessions and Startup Event Trace Sessions.

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