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Windows performance Monitor Processor time

Performance Monitor, resources, data, statistics, Windows 7, Windows 8We are going to look at Performance Monitor, also known as PerfMon.exe or PerfMon.msc: a complex tool used to do just what it sounds like it does - monitor the performance of your computer. Using it, you can see how your computer manages its resources. This can help you make choices about which programs work the best in unison for your computer. For example, if you like to listen to music while running an advanced program for work or a video game for play, which music client provides the least drag on your system? Also, the information it gives you, may help you make decisions about other software and hardware choices if your computer's performance is below your expectations.

Performance Monitor, resources, data, statistics, Windows 7, Windows 8How to Access the Performance Monitor in Windows 7

The easiest way to open Performance Monitor on your Windows 7 machine is to hit the Start button and type "performance monitor" in the search program and files field.

It should be the option at the top of the list.

This will open up the main panel of the program. I've noticed that some resources on the Internet get Performance Monitor mixed up with other Windows utilities, so just to make sure we're on the same page it ought to look something like this:

Performance Monitor, resources, data, statistics, Windows 7, Windows 8Alternatively, you can start the tool by going to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools - Performance Monitor.

How to Access the Performance Monitor in Windows 8

Unfortunately, Windows 8 has decided to hide this tool and make it harder to access it, even though it remains available, unchanged for the version existing in Windows 7.

If you search for Performance Monitor on the Start screen, you will not find any results. To launch this application you need to type perfmon.exe or perfmon.msc and click or tap on the only search result being shown.

Performance Monitor, resources, data, statistics, Windows 7, Windows 8If you want to go about it with the mouse, you can find the tool by going to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools - Performance Monitor.

It's good that at least it's Control Panel shortcut has been kept.

Analyzing your System's Performance

To begin an analysis of your computer's current performance, click "Performance Monitor" under "Monitoring Tools" on the program's main panel, as indicated below.

If you want to see how your computer performs while using a certain set of programs, make sure to open them now, so the graphs will take note of their impact on your system's resources. By default, this graph measures Processor time, which is the amount of time that the processor is busy working on running active programs (shown in percentages). This gives you a basic measure of how hard your processor is working.

These graph can be customized with additional columns and several other options. For a more in depth analysis, you can add counters to the graph that will detail other aspects of your processor's activities. To do this, hit the green plus sign above the graph, which should bring up several options.

Performance Monitor, resources, data, statistics, Windows 7, Windows 8 Performance Monitor, resources, data, statistics, Windows 7, Windows 8 Performance Monitor, resources, data, statistics, Windows 7, Windows 8 Performance Monitor, resources, data, statistics, Windows 7, Windows 8
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by j-_-kay

Ok so...
usually when that happens its because your cpu is being stressed by processes running. if you have an onboard soundcard it's using your northbridge chip and southbridge chip; which is a web of connectivity connected to your processor. check your temps and monitor the amount of memory being used by the applications or services related to your poor video performance. its rarely ever related to your video card, unless it's being stressed by another application running any kind of 3d. a video cards principle is to render 3d. it will only affect your display in terms of performance by the following; the amount of colors being displayed; 8bit,16,32,64, etc

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