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Free monitoring tools for Oracle database

Foglight screenshot from WebcastFoglight Perf.Analysis for Oracle is a great performance workload tool which digs very deep into Oracle via Stealthcollect technologie direct from server memory areas, so no much overhead load in the database, also possible to review historical data, change tracking, advisories and much more...

StealthCollect – Delivers deep SQL-level collection and analysis at a fraction of the overhead of running a trace or executing direct SQL against production.

Performance Advisories – Reviews workload data and produces custom reports to maximize performance through built-in analytics and business intelligence.

IntelliProfile – Tracks database behavior and identifies abnormal activity with a sophisticated baselining algorithm.

Statement-Level Wait-Event Analysis – Reveals wait-event data down to the statement level, speeding resolution of resource-related performance problems.

QuickCompare – Provides a shortcut for identifying the root causes and symptoms of performance deviations in application environments.

Integrated Reporting – Provides targeted, built-in reports. With easy-to-use wizards, you can define, customize, generate, schedule, and deliver reports on system health, performance, trends, changes, and a variety of other topics and data points.

Foglight screenshot from pdfLong-Term Performance Repository – Delivers unlimited performance and environmental data storage and dimensional analysis in an Oracle database.

Automated Change Tracking – Identifies and sends notifications of changes to server, instance, database, schema environments, and application SQL degradations.

Please also take a look at Spotlight on Oracle (RAC) is real time diagnostics from an Oracle architecture level.

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- The lack of interoperability among traditional performance monitoring tools means data centers must use -- and pay for -- multiple tools. But movement toward unified performance monitoring could change all that.

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