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The wait is finally over. Ruben Spruijt of PQR has released the highly anticipated User Environment Management Smackdown. Whether you want to call it workspace management, user virtualization, persistent personalization or user environment management, today’s IT departments implementing desktop virtualization technology are benefitting from solutions that allow them to separate a user’s settings, application and data from the underlying hardware, delivery platforms and devices. And at last, a third-party has developed a full analysis of the technologies available to help IT achieve better management of their users, as well as the IT services those users are offered.

  • RES Software
  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • Quest
  • Liquidware Labs
  • Appsense
  • Immidio
  • Scense
  • Tricerat
  • Unidesk
  • VUEM

Ruben took an in-depth look at each solution’s strength across various functionalities, including User Profile Management, Application Delivery and Security Management. The report breaks down the main features and benefits of each vendor and their services. RES Software is proud to report that RES Dynamic Desktop Studio scored highest in overall functionality against all the competition. Thank you to Ruben and his team for taking on this much-needed task!

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Philips Philips SPA2210/27 Notebook USB Speakers
CE (Philips)
  • Cable length can be variable
  • Convenient speaker-front volume and power control
  • Hassle-free, space saving with 2.0 Channel Stereo

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Software (Corel Corporation)
  • Turn documents, spreadsheets and presentations into PDFs without additional software
  • Improved compatibility with with Microsoft Office
  • Save without metadata for hiding private or sensitive data that can be extracted easily from office documents
  • Enhanced Web integration -- conduct Web searches from within WordPerfect X3
  • WordPerfect MAIL provides email, calendar, contact management and RSS capabilities

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