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Web Based Inventory Software Advice

by seansmykes

I'm looking for a web based application which allows for inventory input/management/reporting.
As an example:
Warehouse A enters their inventory. Regional Manager can see a few warehouse inventories but not all. Corporate can see all inventory. Each user can run different reports.
Seems simple enough. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a free/cheap PHP/MySQL canned application out there to do this. Or but I'd prefer PHP/MySQL to keep cost down. I'm estimating a max of 20 concurrent users. Red Hat or Windows Server OS.
I could write it or more likely hire someone to write it but I'm not a fan of re-inventing the wheel as they say.

To not have to purchase separate software

by why_purchase_any

Rather than paying big bucks for XP, why not try some flavor of Linux or BSD?Free software can be downloaded, installed, and used on as many computers as you like. You can even make copies for all of your friends ... and this is 100% legal!You don't have to fill out any forms, you don't have to register anything, and there's no annoying "product activation."There are no licensing issues if you sell or give away your computer.You don't have to choose between Windows and an open source operating system ... you can install both on the same computer in a dual-boot configuration.Pretty much every class of application available for Windows is also available for the free operating systems

A few things still remain

by before_windows_is_dead

1.) We need a drop-in Exchange replacement. Nothing on the market comes close to the features of Exchange. Outlook needs to think that it is talking to an exchange server without additional plugins, sync utilities or any of that BS.
2.) An Outlook replacement. It should be a feature-for-feature clone, at the least. Exchange should think that it is Outlook.
3.) Outlook Web Access replacement. See #1 and #2.
4.) Package management. RPM is cool, so is ports. But to the average Windows guy these are cryptic and "old". Also, vendors need to pre-bundle all prereqs with their software

MySQL and PHP - read my comments below -

by samalex

MS SQL/ASP requires Windows Server and this is VERY costly. MS SQL 2000 Standard with 5 CAL's is $1489[a] and MS Windows Server 2003 Web Edition is $399[b]. If you use MySQL and PHP on Linux or FreeBSD you have zero costs outta pocket. You can even run MysQL and PHP on Windows if needed. They are both VERY portable.
Now for technical thoughts... PHP is MUCH easier to work with IMO then ASP. For one thing PHP doubles as a scripting language so you can not only write web applications but also write server scripts which interact with your website all in PHP. THis means you can write custom content management systems to add/edit email addresses, create Apache passwords (

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