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Windows Server Content Management System

Limited resources to facilitate quick update of site content.
  • Change process for updating the production environment was cumbersome.
  • Non-technical business users could not easily update/create portal content.
  • Content owners were not forced to adhere to template in which content was to be added.
  • Looking to the content management phase of the portal solution, Accenture wanted to be able to address the shortcomings of the current system, as well meet a new set of requirements. Some of these new requirements included providing real-time updates of content to production, reducing the time it takes to create content, providing a more useful searching facility, and providing “I want to…” functionality.

    With the hopes of addressing the shortcomings of the XML/XSLT solution, meeting release requirements, and further leveraging their investment in Microsoft technologies, Accenture decided to implement their content management release by using Microsoft Content Management Server (CMS) 2002.


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    Technology Training Specialist (Place Worked) 8/05-8/06
    * Designed and implemented a two-tiered content management system comprised of reservations and web based calendar functions for a small corporation of 100 employees.
    * Provided on-site and remote troubleshooting assistance as needed.
    Montessori Program Assistant (Place Worked) 8/04/8/05
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    Still need to fill out the remaining job history, but here is a sneak peek:
    Scott R Hinton
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    Objective :
    To obtain a creative and challenging position that enables me to gain valuable commercial experience and improve the web development and design skills that I gained through experience and academic projects.
    Key Skills:
    Programming Skills: HTML, CSS, ASP, VB, PHP, SQL, XML, XSL, Javascript
    Limited Graphic design and Photo editing

    Microsoft Press Enterprise Content Management with Microsoft SharePoint (Developer Reference)
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    ORLANDO, Fla. -- The lack of interoperability among traditional performance monitoring tools means data centers must use -- and pay for -- multiple tools. But movement toward unified performance monitoring could change all that.

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