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AthTek-NetWalk-MicrosoftWe have covered some network related applications which are capable of providing convenience for not just network and system admins, but also for beginners. In this post, we will provide a comparison of some of the useful network monitoring apps which can make your network monitoring and management tasks easy.

AthTek NetWalk Personal Edition

AthTek NetWalk is perhaps the most simplified app for monitoring a network without having any in-depth knowledge of convoluted command lines and network nodes. It provides a graph of the network state, to help project the network state in statistical and graphical format.With AthTek, you can perform multi-protocol network monitoring, capture packets, check activities of all connections from a matrix map and check information regarding DNS name resolution, POP3, SNMP, Net Bios, VLANs and much more.Windows Health Monitor For a complete review of this tool, see our review here.

Windows Health Monitor

Windows Health Monitor is a robust application for monitoring large-scale networks. It is compatible with Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 and can be used in both workgroup and enterprise environments. It is designed to monitor bandwidth and disk utilization, including disc space, read & write functions, and network traffic. You can even specify a threshold to monitor CPU and memory utilization of running servers. To know more about this powerful app, check out our review here.



CurrPorts is a lightweight and portable utility for monitoring TCP/IP and UDP ports. This network monitoring tool lists currently opened TCP/IP and UDP ports and displays the full details of the processes which are opened from the particular port (including process name and its description). You can also kill any particular process and copy port information to clipboard or save it to HTML, XML or Text file. For more information about using CurrPorts, see our review here.

iTraffic Monitor

itrafficmonitorsAn important part of network monitoring entails bandwidth monitoring. This is not just because of the high costs incurred from T1 link providing ISPs, but also due to the fact that loss of bandwidth can lead to loss of revenue. It is not only the case with excessive downloading, which increases T1 link charges, but also regarding the increase in latency or a down link. iTraffic Monitor utilizes WinPcap (Advanced Network Filtering capability) and allows filtering out local LAN traffic. With iTraffic Monitor, you can analyze complete network bandwidth in real-time with in-depth graphs. For more information, check out our post here.

Network Activity Indicator

If your network monitoring activities are limited to the download and upload speed of a specific network node, then Network Activity Indicator is a minimalist and portable tool which you can greatly benefit from. It allows monitoring bandwidth consumption, packet information, as well as the current download and upload rate. You can get these stats by simply clicking on the Network Activity Indicator icon from the system tray. For more information, check out our post here.

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OSX server

by got2gopcl

As I've posted in my previous posts that I have a client that recently upgraded a few things to Apple. Including their server.
I'm comfortable with windows server just not Apple. Their IT gave us the admin password for their server but it seems thats not enough.
Server monitor says "CANNOT_LOAD_BUNDLE_ERR"
the Admin credentials I log on with don't seem to work for Workgroup Manager all the time. Meaning sometimes it lets me log in, some times it doesnt. When it does it doesn't let me make any changes to the workgroup.
Whats up?

Workgroup Manager

by YodaTech

You CAN rename from the desktop but the shared name may stay the original name. Shares can have a name that's different from the actual volume or folder name; for example, you can have a folder called "My Stuff" but have it shared under the name "AUGWELL DATA".
Launch the Workgroup Manager app, login to your server, click the SHARING button at the top, then the SHARE POINTS tab on the left side. Select the share you're trying to rename, click the PROTOCOLS tab on the right side, and you will see a field for a custom name under "Apple File Settings" and "Windows File Settings"

Sorta. It's a windowing system

by Science-O

That lets you install some kind of GUI (like Gnome or KDE). It lacks the widgets and function you normally associate with modern GUIs. What makes it interesting in a client/server model that lets the operating system open windows on different displays. So I can SSH from my home Mac into a UNIX machine at work, set my Mac as the display for my account, and have the machine in another physical location use my Mac's screen to draw its windows. Or vice-verse: I'm logged into Craiglist using a browser that is running on my home Linux box, but it draws the window on my work machine's screen. My personal email and browsing doesn't occur on my work machine

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