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The next step that you need to take is to either wait the default 60 minutes for discovery of your HP Proliant Servers, or you can create an override on the discovery to change it to something quicker so you can start working on what SCOM finds in relation to the HP Proliant Server Management Pack. The screenshots below show how to create the override within SCOM to change the discovery time for the 'HP Proliant Server Discovery' rule.
Once the discovery is complete, you should see your HP Proliant servers listed in the 'Server State' view under the 'HP Servers' Management Pack from within the Monitoring tab in SCOM as below.
If all of your HP Proliant Servers are shown in the 'Server State' window above, then that completes the installation of the HP Proliant Servers Management Pack and you will now see alerts coming into SCOM that are read directly from the HP Insight Management agents installed on each HP Proliant Server.

If you do not see all or any of your HP Proliant Servers in the 'Server State' window as above, then the first thing you need to do is to logon locally to the server that is missing and open the 'HP Systems Management Homepage'. The chances are when this page opens, it will have no information on the server in question and come back with a blank screen like the one in the screenshot below.

The reason for the 'HP System Management Homepage' coming back blank is down to a number of factors based around SNMP and the HP Insight Agents. The first to to do is to run the latest HP Proliant Support Pack (PSP) for the model of server you are working on. When you run the HP PSP check for the 'HP Insight Management Agents' and the 'HP Insight Management WBEM Providers for Windows Server 2003/2008 Editions' and it is quite possible that they hadn't been installed or updated the last time the PSP was run on that server.

Just select the radio box next to the Insight Management Agents to install them (see screenshot below)and run the installer from the HP Smart Update Manager to complete the process.

Note: If you need to install the HP Insight Management Agents, your server will need to be rebooted so ensure that you prepare for this before running the installer.

Next up, if you haven't already installed the SNMP service onto your HP Proliant Server, now would be a good time to do it as the 'HP System Management Homepage' depends on the SNMP service to get its information on the hardware. If you are using Windows Server 2008

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As I've posted in my previous posts that I have a client that recently upgraded a few things to Apple. Including their server.
I'm comfortable with windows server just not Apple. Their IT gave us the admin password for their server but it seems thats not enough.
Server monitor says "CANNOT_LOAD_BUNDLE_ERR"
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Whats up?

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You CAN rename from the desktop but the shared name may stay the original name. Shares can have a name that's different from the actual volume or folder name; for example, you can have a folder called "My Stuff" but have it shared under the name "AUGWELL DATA".
Launch the Workgroup Manager app, login to your server, click the SHARING button at the top, then the SHARE POINTS tab on the left side. Select the share you're trying to rename, click the PROTOCOLS tab on the right side, and you will see a field for a custom name under "Apple File Settings" and "Windows File Settings"

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That lets you install some kind of GUI (like Gnome or KDE). It lacks the widgets and function you normally associate with modern GUIs. What makes it interesting in a client/server model that lets the operating system open windows on different displays. So I can SSH from my home Mac into a UNIX machine at work, set my Mac as the display for my account, and have the machine in another physical location use my Mac's screen to draw its windows. Or vice-verse: I'm logged into Craiglist using a browser that is running on my home Linux box, but it draws the window on my work machine's screen. My personal email and browsing doesn't occur on my work machine

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