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Windows Server Update Services Management Pack

RESAMWIP IconThe WSUS Integration Management Pack (WiMP) is the latest addition to the Virtual Engine Toolkit (VET). We have been using this internally and at customers’ sites for a while and thought it was about time we released this to the community. It’s purpose is very simple; automate the installation of Microsoft security updates/patches. WSUS is great for patching workstations but not so hot for servers. For example, we would typically like to patch servers in a predetermined order and wait for them to return to service before continuing with the next. Is it simple to automate recursively patching a new computer with WSUS?

! Have you ever tried to patch Windows servers on the last Friday of the month with the standard Microsoft toolset? To put it another way; patching every Friday is a little easier to achieve.

The WSUS Integration Management Pack is primarily a standalone .EXE that will install (on demand) any required WSUS (or Windows Update if not configured) updates. The secret sauce in this process is detecting whether an update is pending and also recursively installing updates (if required) until the machine is fully patched. Included with VET v1.3 is both the WiMP.EXE and a RES Automation Manager building block. Note: RES Automation Manager is not required to use or deploy WiMP.

Within the RES Automation Building block there is a selection of modules and a project:

The “Install WSUS Updates” modules will install updates and reboot if needed. You would typically include this in a run book to patch individual agents or teams in a particular order.

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