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Man with mustache working on a computerThe primary video card in my (awesome) workstation sadly died earlier this month.

Which meant that rather than fiddle around with trying to get old drivers to uninstall correctly and new drivers to install optimally with my new/replacement video card, I just decided to repave from scratch and save myself some hassle. Benefits of repaving from scratch brought along the allure of the following benefits:

  • The option to install Windows 8.1 Update (from scratch)—which I’m actually quite enamored with as it packs some really great (though subtle) changes and improvements.
  • The ability to cut ties with .NET 2.0 and just go all 4.0 or higher by no longer bothering with Visual Studio 2012 and just going straight to Visual Studio 2013.
  • The ability to also cut SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2012 out of the mix and install SSMS 2014 on to my box as my primary client tool for dev, tweaking, queries, tests, and all things T-SQL-y.
  • The ability to clear out crud, clutter, and cruft from running Windows 8 for over a year, and install a few bigger games and a couple of other apps I no longer want or need. (Or, in other words, to get that runs fast feeling that you get with a new install of Windows and which gradually disappears over time—even on insanely fast hardware like mine.)

Repaving a workstation from scratch is always fraught with a bit of danger or the potential for disaster—but I’ve done it enough times now that I’ve got it down to a science. It also doesn’t hurt that as of Windows 7 and higher, Microsoft has really made OS installation obscenely easy in terms of drivers and initial configuration.

Et Tu SSMS 2014?

There were, of course, a couple of surprises and even hiccups along the way—but the biggest of these was, sadly, in the form of a couple of problems I noted almost immediately when installing SSMS 2014 (and when using it over the next few days). And, just to be clear, I only installed SSMS 2014 and the client tools (I’ve got a VMware host where I run latest server builds and where I keep some dev servers for various tests and exploring—so I don’t need to install SQL Server Developer Edition locally).

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The SQL Server management interface sucks. It's a web form where you have to copy/paste your stored procs in. Not a good development environment, minimal flexibility. It doesn't maintain indentations or do anything remotely similar to the Management Studio.
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