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The lifespan of a property seems easy to understand. It is bought and developed, then occupied. It needs ongoing maintenance and eventually may be refurbished or redeveloped. The lease obligations, financial constraints and evolving legislation that need to be dealt with are not so simple.

Professional and honest property management is a key to ensure low costs and maximum achievable incomes.

PANNONIA Property Solutions offers and uses a comprehensive service package from acquisition to the sale of the property.

The ongoing property management includes the following services:

  • Property Lease Consultancy in Budapest and Hungary
    negotiating the best possible terms and conditions with tenants, preparing lease agreement
  • Property Letting in Budapest and Hungary
    finding tenants, minimizing vacancy periods
  • Rent Collection in Budapest and Hungary
    strict rules to control tenant's payments and cashflow
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Repairs
    keeping property value high, distinguishing tenant's responsibilities
  • Periodic Property Inspection
    making sure property is used properly and in order
  • Cost Control
    continuous control of utility costs, condominium charges and local authority charges to avoid indebtedness and consequent legal procedures
  • Processing Insurance Claims
    taking immediate actions to restore original conditions and cover repair costs
  • Online Property Status Report
    constant access to actual property lease details on-line any time
  • Transparent Financial Statements
    clear picture of past costs and income throughout management period
  • Accountancy
    forwarding all invoives and bills to accountant in due course to reduce tax base

Please contact us for details on the possibility of the management of your Budapest property in Budapest. To transfer your property into our management is easy, you only have to make the decision. For references on the management please do not hesitate to contact us.

Subscribe to our information services and be informed. Your details are safe with us.

Property management

It’s so important that you hire a professional property manager to ensure you get reliable tenants and that they pay a good market rent.

Return on Investment

ROI, return on investment, is the concern of most investors. ROI is profit and the reason many investments are made in the first place. Compounding is a magical word to consider when investing. Return on investments can happen in stages.

Buy to Rent

Purchasing a property intended for rental is a great way to ensure a regular income from real estate investing and is generally considered a safer investment.

Choose property that’s attractive to tenants

It should be clean, have good-sized bedrooms, ideally with off-street parking, and good positioning away from noise and main roads. You’ve got to buy something that suits the majority of tenants.

Start Investing

No matter what you do for a living or how much money you make, it is important to start investing for the future as soon as possible. The sooner you start saving and investing your money, the better off you will be.

Invest Consistently

Investing consistently over time is one of the most effective ways to build a substantial nest egg. Consistent investing provides a number of benefits, including instilling financial discipline and forcing you to live on less than you make.

Safe Investment

The nature of your goals will help to determine how you invest your money. If your goals are less than five years away, the primary goal should be to keep your money safe. If you can grow that money, so much the better but avoid losing that money.

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