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Our people bring us our customers,
our customers make our people.

And what do we mean by that?

It is our people who, with their energy, skills, attitude and ideas, create new products and services and deliver them with flawless perfection to our customers. This is what brings us more customers. Our customers in turn give us regular feedback on our people, thus creating new career opportunities for them and guarantying a bright and successful future for them at SigMax-e. Even when our people leave us, we stay in touch with them, for we tend to fall in love with them.

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Questionable ad for grant researcher writer

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Readers can find this job ad listed under writers in Denver CL.
"Technology company to the water industry has an immediate need for a grant writer who is extremely knowledgeable in researching and writing state and federal government infrastructure grant opportunities for the private sector pertaining to water resources, infrastructure and agriculture. The ideal candidate will have strong knowledge of the grant markets for the federal government and State of CA and/or State of CO. You are an expert and will teach others in the organization on the grant process and how to successfully win grants

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The Housing Project
The Bay Area's 45 Worst Slumlords, Real Estate Speculators, Gentrification Profiteers and Other Contributors to the Housing Crisis
This research was developed by a team of volunteers who interviewed tenant attorneys, tenant rights activists, and tenants throughout the Bay Area and conducted background research (mostly on the web) on the landlords recommended by these people. We’re sure it’s not a complete list and would love for you to add to it—with information about other landlords or more details on the ones we already know about. A list of South and North Bay landlords is in the works, but to begin, here are our choices for the worst actors in San Francisco and the East Bay. Background articles on many of these landlords are available at Media Alliance, 814 Mission Street, Suite 205, San Francisc…

VA releases internal audit summary of scheduling practices  — FedScoop
FedScoop reported earlier this week that VA has known for more than a year of serious weaknesses in VistA's identity and access management controls, as well as the scheduling module's overall integration into the enterprise electronic health record system.

Butterworth-Heinemann Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Third Edition
Book (Butterworth-Heinemann)

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