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HP System Management Homepage LoginOne of the big reasons you spend big money on server-quality hardware is to get cool stuff to make administration easier. Each hardware vendor provides their own software tools – Dell includes OpenManage, IBM includes Director, and HP includes their System Management Homepage.

To illustrate how it works without violating anybody’s NDAs, I picked up a used HP DL380 off eBay to use as a demo.

When you remote desktop into your HP server, you’ll see HP System Management Homepage on the desktop. Launch it, and it’ll ask for your authentication information:

Before WBEM Configuration

It integrates with Windows authentication, so as long as you’re a relatively powerful user on the local machine, you can use your regular Windows credentials and get in.

If HP System Management Homepage is Blank or Gives Errors

If it hasn’t been configured before, the home page will be completely blank:

You may also get a popup warning saying something like:

A timeout occurred while loading data for the HP System Management Homepage which may result in missing or incomplete information. Please ensure that the various agents configuration is correct. One common error is around setting SNMP community strings and havin gat least one read/write string specified.Failed drive symptoms in the array details For additional information on how to discover which components may be causing the timeout, see the HP System Management Homepage log and the HP System Management Homepage User Guide Troubleshooting Section.

That’s technically true – but if you’re dealing with a system that’s never been configured before, and your sysadmins aren’t actively using HP SMH for inventory and management, don’t bother with SNMP. There’s an easier way to fetch hardware data from Windows agents – WBEM.

Click Settings at the top, and under “Select SMH Data Source”, click Select:

From there, change the data source to WBEM, and click the Select button:

After you pick WBEM, *if* the provider agents have already been installed, the hardware details will populate within a minute or two. If not, you’ll need to install HP’s free WBEM providers. These are safe to run on SQL Server, and they give you a lot of good data that we’ll discuss below.

HP drivers pushing errors up to Windows event logs HP Array Config Utility Menu HP Array Config Utility Dashboard HP cache settings

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