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Cognos Namespace Migration - Match UsersMigrating from one Cognos authentication provider to another can be a very challenging task. In most Cognos instances, there will be countless CAMID references to users, groups and roles from the Series 7 namespace being replaced. When you migrate to a new authentication namespace, these CAMID references will still point to users, groups and roles from the OLD namespace. These CAMID references are typically strewn throughout a Cognos instance's content, configuration and models. A few examples include:

  • All content in a user's My Folders area is associated with a user's CAMID
  • Each user's preferences and portal tabs are associated with their CAMID
  • Most Object Types in Cognos (e.g. Reports, Folders, Data Sources, Packages, etc.) have multiple references to CAMIDs :
  • an owner property which will refer to the CAMID of the owning user.
  • a policy set, which lists the CAMIDs of users, groups and roles are entitled to the Cognos object (and their level of access)
  • Transformer Models may have Custom Views to enforce security on cubes.Cognos Namespace Migration - Match Users These custom views are configured as visible to certain users, groups & roles (referenced by CAMID).
  • Framework Model's may use Object Security which restricts access to a Package's Namespaces, Query Subjects and Query Items based on users, groups or roles (referenced by CAMID).
  • When your Cognos Content is at stake, trust the experts to ensure a safe, secure, and complete migration. The Motioâ„¢ Namespace Migration product can make namespace migration a smooth and worry free process.

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    by cbflex

    Hey guys,
    I'm looking to get into working as a Cognos Report Developer.
    The only problem is that I don't have access to Report Studio or Framework Manager. Does anyone know where I could go to like play around with it.
    I'm looking for like an online database that's already setup where I could literally just make reports based on the database, and maybe add edit and update filters.
    I don't really have the money to spend on classes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Job Seeker

    by Co-Ed_Softball
    Professional with over 17 years of HR and Technology experience. Looking for a job as a BA, PM, HRIS Analyst and/or something that is totally different (but very interesting). I have a strong background as a BA, PM, HRIS Analyst and Benefits Analyst. I have had various positions that included Sales and Account/Vendor Management. Demonstrating superior communication, negotiation, presentation, analytical and project management skills. Competent in providing complete solutions to satisfy all Business/Technical needs including: Management, Business and GAP analysis, data analysis, data mapping, process flow development, vendor evaluation and negotiation, and system implementation (including testing, data conversions, reporting, validation, and maintenance)

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