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Databases and SQL Training and CoursesA database (also known as databank) is a collection of information that is organised so that it is easy to find, retrieve and change individual bits of data or information. Database refers to both the information stored and the software that is used to interpret the often very complex data structure stored on a hard disk. Databases are accessed through an interface, the most common database interface currently is Microsoft ODBX and Sun Microsystems JDBC. Database and SQL Server training courses have become imperative to business success as businesses have become more and more reliant on computers to function, and it is more important to be able to save data in a secure way. Delegates that have up-to-date knowledge in SQL and Database software and developments are both desirable and successful in their careers.

A relational database typically consists of a database with tables, that are known as relations, and stores the information in rows of tables. Today, data can be saved in a variety of different formats in not just text and numeric data formats but also as images, audio and video. Today, all major DBMS / databases, relational databases use a form of data language - SQL - to define and search through the data and information stored within the database. With the advancements of the Internet and World Wide Web, it is also possible to access data in relational databases on the Web via the other computer languages such as PHP and Sun Microsystems JSP.

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VFP, VB, .NET company I RAGGED on

by GMoneyJones

I found this position on a job board and sent them this email blasting the cheap bastards:
--- Their ad ----
1. Develop and support document imaging applications to scan paper files for Web hosting, and access using VB. Net.
2. Develop interface software applications between VFP data capture module at remote sites to be imported into main office SBT-ACCPAC Accounting Software.
3. Create and maintain required database queries, design and maintain data reports for various users.
4. Review and support firewall, backup procedures and network management

Microsoft Press Training Kit (Exam 70-462): Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases (Microsoft Press Training Kit)
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互联网时代的网络自动化运维  — 中关村在线
CMDB(Configuration Management Database) 配置管理数据库(以下简称:CMDB),将IT基础架构的所有组件存储为配置项,维护每个配置项的详细数据,维护各配置项之间的关系数据以及事件、变更历史等管理数据。通过将这些数 ..

Microsoft Press Training Kit (Exam 70-463): Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Microsoft Press Training Kit)
Book (Microsoft Press)
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Wiley Exam 98-364 MTA Database Administration Fundamentals
Book (Wiley)
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