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TeamQuest Performance Software Architecture Diagram

How it works

The diagram below shows how the other products in the TeamQuest Performance Software suite interact and integrate with TeamQuest CMIS. In addition to TeamQuest products shown in the diagram, third party tools can exchange data and information with the TeamQuest CMIS using a variety of mechanisms.

TeamQuest Performance Software Architecture Diagram

Predicted Server Health report.TeamQuest CMIS supports complex, multi-vendor environments, and includes flexible agent and agent-less data collection, reduction, and aggregation capabilities. Native data collectors are available for a wide range of technologies, but TeamQuest CMIS can be further extended to other data sources through the use of "user agents." User agents can augment TeamQuest CMIS data with information about business process performance, custom application performance and more.

For efficiency, TeamQuest CMIS can store detailed performance data near the source of the data being collected. This data can be analyzed at a fine granularity, if necessary, to identify the cause of bottlenecks or slow response. Retention periods for such locally-stored detailed databases are generally shorter to keep database size more manageable.

High Growth File Systems report.TeamQuest CMIS can also employ one or more "Enterprise Databases" to enable efficient combined analysis of the performance of many distributed, heterogeneous infrastructure elements. By centralizing only key performance parameters and aggregating the data into a coarser time granularity, network traffic and storage requirements are minimized for enterprise reporting. But with TeamQuest CMIS, there is no need to sacrifice the details you need for problem solving.Historical Comparison report. TeamQuest CMIS seamlessly manages drill-down from high-level performance data kept in a more centralized Enterprise Database to the fine-grained details kept closer to the source.

TeamQuest CMIS for Storage

If you are using SAN storage systems, there is a TeamQuest CMIS for Storage option which incorporates technology created by IntelliMagic for collecting and managing performance data from popular storage systems, such as those from EMC, Hitachi, HP, and IBM. With this option added, TeamQuest Performance Software can perform a combined capacity analysis of everything from apps and services down to the storage systems, and everything in between.

Detailed Inventory report. Peak Usage report.

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by marella

• Database Development and Administration. Data Analysis and Reporting
• Computer Training
• IT Support and Maintenance
• Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing
DBA / Data Specialist 1997 – 2001
Promoted to this position quickly due to independence, drive, and initiative. Performed majority of database development and maintenance for this mid-sized package consolidation firm. Directed the design, development, and maintenance of customized client information database. Met with management and direct users to define system and report generation requirements

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by 0AdviceNeeded

Systems Analysis Methods
Management Information Systems
Business Communication Systems
Ethical Issues in Information Systems
Information Systems Logic and Design
Integrating Technology into Business Processes
Technical Writing
Nothing technical such as programming or database modeling (I did the BA instead of the BS degree).
I would like a career that is more specified to things such as interaction with people (HR for example) and solving problems.
I chose Soc as a second major because I liked the flexability it allowed with ideas.
I will get that book. Thx!

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To work in a challenging position to use my career developed Customer Service and Administrative skills.
1987, Bachelor of Science, Information Systems Management, University of San Francisco
03/06 – Present Quality Assurance Assistant, Western Forge & Flange Co.
Receive, examine & process metallurgical documents for accuracy, completeness, and conformity to requirements. Resolve unacceptable documents with vendor. Stamp to endorse, certify and file documents. Enter & retrieve information from the manufacturing company’s database

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CMDB(Configuration Management Database) 配置管理数据库(以下简称:CMDB),将IT基础架构的所有组件存储为配置项,维护每个配置项的详细数据,维护各配置项之间的关系数据以及事件、变更历史等管理数据。通过将这些数 ..

Addison-Wesley Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management (5th Edition)
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