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Federated Identity Management standards

Federated Identity Standards: Confused?

Federated Identity Standards: In the Beginning

The move toward federated identity standards began because enterprise identity management companies started to ask how they could obtain single sign-on usernames to and from their partner organizations. The fact that vendors could not ensure their own systems would achieve universal deployment led those vendors to realize that the ultimate solution to this problem was not one-off integration, but rather a standard mechanism for single sign-on that could be adopted by many organizations to provide this capability to users.

The quest for developing a single standard began with a company named Securant. Securant, along with its identity-management platform, ClearTrust, was later sold to RSA Security. Securant worked for several months - with a few dozen of its customers, partners and other vendors - to create a standard called AuthXML. A few days after AuthXML was publicly announced, Netegrity and VeriSign announced their own standardization effort for the same problem: S2ML. Through the encouragement of customers and analysts, the parties involved decided it would be best if the efforts were combined.

Federated Identity SpecificationsDuring this time, a couple of meetings were held with representatives of all of the leading Web access control vendors - about 10 of them. Ultimately, the representatives decided to join the two standards efforts at the OASIS standards organization. All of the members of the group joined OASIS to work on the new standard, which took its name from the two standards it was based on: the Security Assertion Markup Language, or SAML. That work resulted in the SAML specification's release on January 9, 2001.

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