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Submarine performance monitoring team

Submarine1Navies across the globe continue to require a covert, rapidly deployable and relevant underwater capability. This places pressure on defence budgets at a time of economic uncertainty. In the West, as submarine fleet numbers shrink with economic pressures and reduced defence expenditure, there remains a demand to maintain, and in some cases increase, the net capability delivered. To achieve this, platforms must be more available for operations as opposed to being tied up alongside in maintenance periods and be more adaptable and flexible to meet operational demands. Despite the squeeze on the public purse, there is also the need for incremental safety enhancements in new submarine classes and preservation of survivability levels as threat levels increase.

The number of nations with a credible underwater capability is likely to grow over the next two decades. Such nations recognise the inherent stealth and capability characteristics that submarines offer, and realise the potent political and military influence submarine operating nations have. Many nations that have benefited from rapid economic growth over the last 30 years now have the desire and more importantly, the fiscal might to become serious players within the underwater domain.

Tim Hardy, Head of Naval Engineering, BMT Defence ServicesWith a growing number of nations operating more highly capable submarines, the current performance advantage that "friendly navies" have may start to be eroded. The global reach provided by nuclear powered submarines will not be challenged by the Conventional submarines such nations are procuring, but performance areas such as stealth and sonar advantage may be less robust, particularly when submarines are operating in the littorals. It appears that in the medium to long term, governments will need to seriously consider a departure from the normal manner in which underwater capability is delivered in order to sustain their net performance advantage.

Looking ahead there is little doubt that future missions will continue to require a wide range of submarine capabilities, including Sea Denial (Anti-Submarine Warfare and Anti-Surface Ship Warfare); Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Land strike; Force/Task group protection; Special Forces operations; Anti-piracy, anti-smuggling and coastguard duties and Mine-Counter Measures, but with an increased level of complexity and need for inter-operability. However, current fiscal constraints demand that maximum use is made of what is inherently an expensive, high value asset. Delivering effective capability in all these aspects may not be best achieved in a single platform. Designing bigger, better and perhaps more expensive versions of what we have today is unlikely to deliver best value, without taking a serious look at all the alternatives and considering what opportunities technology development could unlock.

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After training I've been hitting my numbers like I've worked there for years. I don't have performance nor attitude issues at work.
Monitoring behavior at home would be an issue but I'm actually pretty chill to live with (so I've been told). I'm clean, I make nice food and share it, I'm actually pretty quiet.
There is the factor of my occasional wine/beer binge that I'd need to watch but that's not a bad thing.
Yeah, there are folks at work that would be assholes. And I'd worry that she'd try to "make an example" of me by making things harder on me just to show that I'm not influencing her

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Look beyond APM to unified performance monitoring  — TechTarget
ORLANDO, Fla. -- The lack of interoperability among traditional performance monitoring tools means data centers must use -- and pay for -- multiple tools. But movement toward unified performance monitoring could change all that.

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