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Windows Server Management tools for Mac

RazorSQL provides MS SQL Server GUI tools for easily querying, browsing, editing, and managing MS SQL Server databases. Listed below are a couple of examples of MS SQL Server GUI tools provided by RazorSQL.

The following is a screen shot of the MS SQL Server create table GUI tool

The following is a screen shot of the MS SQL Server edit table GUI tool that allows users to edit, insert, and delete data in a spreadsheet format.

The following is a screen shot of the MS SQL Server database browser that allows users to browse various MS SQL Server database objects.

RazorSQL also offers many other MS SQL Server tools such as an SQL query builder, MS SQL Server import and export tools, and much more. See the main MS SQL Server Database Query Tool Page for more information.

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Some third party apps and OS X server can help.

by WindowsRefugee

Take a look at AdmitMac and Centrify.
A lot of your group polices just won't translate to the Mac at all. No registry=no way to implement a lot of settings the Windows way.
I recommend against using services for macintosh on your Windows file servers. You can end up with file/path names that are too long for Windows machines. There's also the 'illegal' characters that Macs can use in file names that Windows chokes on.
OS X server has a Open Directory that can be tied to AD in some ways that are useful.
I don't know the specifics, but I have read that Macs can't 'see' DFS shares, so if you use DFS, this could be bad

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