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Windows Server patch Management software

Deploy Missing PatchesWith the number of security threats and vulnerabilities on the rise, the hot fixes and updates released by software vendors to address these vulnerabilities is also increasing manifold. It becomes an extremely arduous task for security administrators to cope with the volume and frequency of such patches as the amount of time and effort involved in identifying, testing and installing problem-free patches on vulnerable systems is enormous.

One form of vulnerability remediation on Windows & Linux assets is applying missing patches and service packs & missing packages. Security Manager Plus doubles up as a patch management software here.Patch Details It identifies missing patches/packages and service packs on vulnerable assets and facilitates downloading patches from vendor site and deploying them on systems that require them - all from a central location.

Windows Patch Management

Security Manager Plus supports Windows patch management for more than 26 languages supported by Microsoft OS and applications. It has its own scanning and patching engine backed by a comprehensive patch database that is updated frequently. You can also use Security Manager Plus to verify the list of Missing and Installed Patches that are reported by other software like WSUS, SMS, etc.

Deploy Service PacksLinux Patch Management

It can also detect missing packages on Linux (Red Hat, Debian, CentOS) systems and install these package updates by interoperating with target system's package management tools (up2date for Red Hat, aptitude for Debian, yum for CentOS).

Support for other Linux distributions can be added by editing patch management scripts from the web console.

In order to use SMP's Linux patch deployment feature, you must ensure that you have a valid support and update subscription license with the different Linux distributions, wherever applicable. It is important that you provide the username/password details for a valid subscription account for the systems to be patched correctly.

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OSX server

by got2gopcl

As I've posted in my previous posts that I have a client that recently upgraded a few things to Apple. Including their server.
I'm comfortable with windows server just not Apple. Their IT gave us the admin password for their server but it seems thats not enough.
Server monitor says "CANNOT_LOAD_BUNDLE_ERR"
the Admin credentials I log on with don't seem to work for Workgroup Manager all the time. Meaning sometimes it lets me log in, some times it doesnt. When it does it doesn't let me make any changes to the workgroup.
Whats up?

Workgroup Manager

by YodaTech

You CAN rename from the desktop but the shared name may stay the original name. Shares can have a name that's different from the actual volume or folder name; for example, you can have a folder called "My Stuff" but have it shared under the name "AUGWELL DATA".
Launch the Workgroup Manager app, login to your server, click the SHARING button at the top, then the SHARE POINTS tab on the left side. Select the share you're trying to rename, click the PROTOCOLS tab on the right side, and you will see a field for a custom name under "Apple File Settings" and "Windows File Settings"

Sorta. It's a windowing system

by Science-O

That lets you install some kind of GUI (like Gnome or KDE). It lacks the widgets and function you normally associate with modern GUIs. What makes it interesting in a client/server model that lets the operating system open windows on different displays. So I can SSH from my home Mac into a UNIX machine at work, set my Mac as the display for my account, and have the machine in another physical location use my Mac's screen to draw its windows. Or vice-verse: I'm logged into Craiglist using a browser that is running on my home Linux box, but it draws the window on my work machine's screen. My personal email and browsing doesn't occur on my work machine

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- The lack of interoperability among traditional performance monitoring tools means data centers must use -- and pay for -- multiple tools. But movement toward unified performance monitoring could change all that.

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